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Guess I'm back!

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Hello everybody! I'ts been a really long time since something happened here on km.net, but since spring's here and the sun clears up the mood really well, I thought I may get some stuff done and give this another shot. I planned ahead some posts and sections (see the header image? )which I want to write on a regular basis. You also might have noticed the 'recipes' button in the menu, this is where all the yummy recipes I'll be posting soon will be added to! I've got so many ideas for this website and I'm very excited!

To my shame, not very much has happened since I last blogged, but something changed: my diet; and that's what I (partly - don't panic!) want to write about, including a lot of easy and healthy recipes for you to try! And since music is very important to me, I want to share some of my favorites - and also talk about releases that disappointed me.

So while I'm preparing the next post with lots of love, why not take a look around? If anything doesn't run smoothly, feel free to email me using the contact form linked at the bottom. And I would love to hear from my former affiliates! What are you up to, girls?

See you next time, have a great week y'all!
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posted on 19 Apr 2015 by txtrovert

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