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23 Jul 2012


Yes. This is my new man. His name is Kindle. It was a present from M. and I love love love it! We had a few difficulties at first (I had to return it and get a new one for about 4 times - the buttons had a clicking sound I couldn't stand - and once the screen was broken.. my fault..), but now we're besties. The reading experience is really great, I didn't expect it to be that awesome! You can even sit in the sunlight and read perfectly fine! My pal's loaded with books waiting for me to be read and I love to style him up with a neat new screensaver. Even the cats love it!

"It's useless to play lullabies for those who cannot sleep"

On the kitty front, not everything's been good, Chuck was hit by a car and Izzy first had a cough and now she has a bite wound on her cheek.. But they're all getting better.

Additionally, I got a few new clothes, the prettiest one would be a greenish floor-length skirt, with which I've deeply fallen in love with:

(Plugs for my newly stretched ears )

PS: Most of my affiliates have gone offline... Or they just moved and I didn't notice. I cleaned up the list, but if you're one of my affiliates and just got a new URL, please let me know and I'll put you right back on.


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On Individuality. A rant.

09 May 2012

Two days ago, I was wearing my beloved dress with cupcakes on it. (This one.) And I was being laughed at. By two nondescript chicks. One of them was blond and wearing some hipster glasses just for the looks and her outfit was plain - jeans and t-shirt. The other one was a vision in beige - beige leather jacket, beige pants, and horrific beige shoes. I honestly didn't (and still don't) know how to feel: Should I be angry, because with their taste of clothing they don't have the right to laugh at others? Or should I laugh, because they were just so ordinary? If I go outside with my cupcake dress, people will be able to recognize me ('Hey, you're that girl with the cupcake dress!'). But these two, they will be lost. There are hundreds of girls running around in the same clothes, so no one who doesn't know them will probably recognize them if they're on the streets. You know what I mean? They all look like clones of each other! No one really seems to have that spark of individuality anymore. Sure, in bigger cities you're able to find that, but here in some small-ish place, I don't think that people even care about what they're wearing. And that's just sad. It doesn't seem to me that people are still wearing some colors - just jeans and BEIGE or BLACK somewhats. Are we all too 'grown-up' for some color? Certainly not. But what went wrong? When I go to the shops, I don't see only black-white-beige shirts and jeans. I don't think this has something to do with a lack of interest in colorful and nice clothing, I think this is about courage. But why? There is no rule that if you're not a certain type that the fashion industry aims for (size zero, whatever nonsense) you can't wear anything but non-colored things and jeans? What about skirts and dresses? What about prints and ruffles? I don't think that for example a pretty skirt needs a special size to look good. I'm a size 14 and I love to wear skirts and dresses, even if I'm laughed at for whatever reason.

(PS. I'm back - somewhat!)

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